'Hello Kerin, I hope you are doing well !! I have so much to tell you and yes everything you said at our last reading was beyond 100% true. You are so gifted... Kerin, I was hoping to get a[nother] reading with you. You are always so clear and accurate and I could really use a bit of help and understanding at the moment. Do you have any time available for a reading, I would appreciate so very much? Thank you always. L' America.

'I highly recommend Kerin Webb'. Vanessa Coleman, Reality TV Star.

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'You're phenomenal!!'' M.Z. Bahrain.

'I would just like to say that was the best reading I have ever had, you were so spot on with the messages...' D.A. UK.

'Hi Kerin, Very pleased with my reading today Kerin! You are a genuine gentleman psychic and you brought so many validations to me that were mind blowing.  You picked up my personality very well - and the other person. So many things nobody could know! So pleased to have had your help. Will be in touch with you in the future. With love MA xx.'


As Seen In UK Media And As Heard On UK Radio: Including BBC Radio, Hot Radio, Mensa's Vox Pagana Magazine and Fate & Fortune Magazine.

As Seen in USA Media: including TAPS Paramagazine (the magazine of SyFy TV's Ghosthunters' Show) and Intrepid Magazine.


Filmed at Bournemouth University for the 'Features For Change' documentary on psychic/mediumship.

'Dear FB friends, I've seen quite a few mediums in my time - some a waste of time and money, others just average and I highly recommend Kerin Webb for clairvoyant psychic mediumship readings and amazingly accurate information. I was quite taken aback by the accuracy coming through during a recent Life Insights Reading and predictions that occurred within 24 hours ... amazing! BC. England.' (These comments were left by a recent client on Facebook and are reproduced here with kind permission.)

'Thank you so much for my reading. You left me speechless.You told me things about myself that nobody else but I know about. I honestly recommend you to anybody... thank you.' MH. England.

As seen featured in the double page article in the August 2017 edition of Chat It's Fate magazine.

'Hi Kerin, I wanted to thank you for the reading... everything was so accurate! I'm certain I will be seeing you again! Kim'. England. 

Readings £40.00 for an hour.

'Hi Kerin, I just wanted to say thank you for my reading on Saturday. I came away feeling uplifted and comforted. Can't wait to see where I end up in the next 6 months and can come back for more help from Spirit! Thanks again!' Hannah, England.

Psychic Mediumship: The Evidence

'I'd like to believe in mediumship and soul survival, but sadly, all the evidence indicates that it isn't true.'

This is the kind of thing that closed-minded skeptics often say (I've seen it myself) in public to appear to be open-minded, even biased in favour of soul survival, while concluding, based on 'all the evidence', that sadly, contrary to their 'desires' soul survival doesn't happen and mediums do not really exist.  To the unsuspecting, particularly when the speaker appears to hold an impressive scientific-sounding qualification or title, such comments can undermine a person's curiosity for discovering more about survival, because, well, if 'Dr Brainiac' says it's all a load of tosh, then it must be, mustn't it? 

Actually, despite 'Dr Brainiac's' protestations, there is a lot of evidence available which supports the existence of mediumship, telepathy, precognition, telekinesis and healing.  And many exceptionally bright and highly qualified people are convinced by this evidence.  Indeed the evidence is so impressive, that, rather than what 'Dr Brainiac' would have you believe, which is often that 'intelligent people don't believe in mediumship', due to the 'lack of evidence', in actual fact, many intelligent people do believe in mediumship, specifically because of the quality of the evidence that exists in its favour.

Let's take a brief look at some of this evidence...

Professor Fontana

Professor David Fontana (1934 - 2010) was a brilliant, erudite researcher who spent many years assessing evidence for and against mediumship.  He wrote an excellent 496 page book on the subject called Is There An Afterlife? which explored the various forms of spirit communication that have been demonstrated to exist as a result of scientific experiments that have taken place over many decades.  No stone is left unturned in his quest to arrive at a sensible conclusion. Explanations by open-minded scientists and closed-minded skeptics for and against mediumship are given and then each explanation is examined by Professor Fontana's laser-like mind and the merits and flaws are made plain for experts and lay readers to see. Professor Fontana was a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Founder Chair of its Transpersonal Psychology Section, Past President of the Society for Psychical Research, Distinguished Visiting Fellow of Cardiff University and Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool Moores University. His credentials are, quite frankly, stellar. His scholarship beyond doubt. And his conclusions should be made known to everyone.


Because he became certain after his years of extensive research that life after 'death' is a reality and I think (don't you?) that if this is true, then it should form part of the school curriculum in every country of the world.  It is perhaps one of the most important, if not the most important issue in everyone's lives. After all, we're all mortal (meaning that one day we shall all die) and knowing that there is an existence beyond this world might bring relief from fear of death for some, or go some way to helping resolve grief for others... and perhaps even have a bearing on how some people choose to live their lives, causing them to become more introspective and thoughtful, to think about the repercussions, for good or ill, with regard to the decisions they make and the way they behave in their day to day lives... and as a result, they might begin to evidence more compassion than they otherwise might have done, had they laboured under the misapprehension that 'this life is all there is'?  And if everyone began to live more like this, what a positive influence it could have on the world.

Results In Millions

Next time you hear someone like our semi-fictional 'Dr Brainiac' say authoritatively that 'all the evidence is against mediumship', or some other similar inaccurate pronouncement remember that in actual fact 'Dr Brainiac' is either demonstrating his ignorance on the subject, or his duplicity, when he makes statements such as these. Indeed, Professor Fontana publicly wondered in the pages of Is There An Afterlife? whether such individuals have actually truly familiarised themselves with all of the evidence that exists or whether, perhaps, as the evidence of their comments seems to indicate they are really speaking from positions of insufficient awareness (some might call them ignorant).

In contrast to the error of the closed-minded skeptic, Professor Fontana cites the work of many scientists, in detail, and with regard to some of the more recent studies he includes a few statistics that I think you'll find quite remarkable.

If you're a regular visitor to this website, no doubt you'll already have seen me refer to the scientific studies conducted at Arizona State University by Professor Gary Schwartz and his team, which have demonstrated odds of one hundred trillion to one against chance being responsible for the astounding results they achieved when testing some of America's top mediums, including John Edward, Allison DuBois and Susy Smith - and the approximate 80% success rate they yielded overall with regard to the accuracy of the messages conveyed by the mediums to the experimenters (which is a very high success rate).

As well as referring to the work by Professor Schwartz, Professor Fontana also refers to the research recently conducted by Professor Archie Roy (1924 - 2012), who was Professor Emeritus of Astronomy in the University of Glasgow and Patricia Robertson, in which studies took place with 10 mediums, who provided readings for individuals in person, resulting in odds of a million million to one against chance being responsible for the accurate evidence presented.  (A million million!)

Another study used stricter protocols, isolating the clients from the mediums altogether (to quote Professor Fontana) 'Roy and Robertson progressively tightened their protocols, and established that even when firstly the medium and sitters are isolated from each other, secondly the medium does not know the identity of the person for whom the messages are intended (recipients are identified to the mediums only by a number), and thirdly recipients and non-recipients do not know whether they belong to the recipient or non-recipient group (and thus no one in either group knows whether the messages are intended for them or not) individuals in the recipient group still accept significantly more of the messages intended for them than do individuals in the non-recipient group.  The odds against the difference in acceptance and non-acceptance by the two groups being due to chance are smaller than in the earlier experiments [when the clients were present for the readings] but THEY ARE STILL HUGE [emphasis mine], and are of the order of a million to one against chance (Robertson and Roy 2004).' Page 222 Is There An Afterlife?

(A million to one - even when the client is not present, which rules out claims of unintended 'cold reading' or outright fraud!)

Many, many other experiments are cited by Professor Fontana in his excellent book and I suggest it's well-worth reading by anyone who is seriously interested in knowing the facts about the science that exists in the subject of the study of mediumship. (Interestingly, when reading Professor Fontana's book I discovered that I myself have a connection with one of the studies which so impressed him, because recently, unbeknown to me at the time of the reading, I gave a reading to someone who turned out to be a well-known figure in the field of psychical research.  In some ways I'm glad I didn't know his identity in advance, as I may have felt under undue pressure to 'perform' had I known of his experience and credentials.  As it turned out, some amazing evidence was presented to me which directly referenced a number of aspects of the research that had been conducted by my client, and some of the famous people who had presented themselves to the researchers through the mediumship involved were also highlighted too.)

'Hi Kerin, Many thanks for a very good reading earlier today!' (Feedback by well-known mediumship researcher).

Don't Be Fooled By 'Dr Brainiac' - He's Not Telling You Everything

The next time you hear someone like 'Dr Brainiac' seemingly 'regretfully' discounting the existence of mediumship, or worse, scoffing with a superior, arrogant attitude, as so many pseudo-experts seem prone to do, remember they're either displaying their own ignorance, or duplicitous bias and their comments are not to be trusted as facts. Recall instead the odds of a million to one... to a million million to one in one set of experiments - and odds of 100 trillion to one in another.  These are scientific facts presented by recognised professors of established universities, which are pretty impressive results in favour of soul survival and mediumship, by any form of reckoning.


Kerin Webb, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Bransgore, Christchurch (near Bournemouth), Dorset, England, UK.

As heard on BBC Radio and Hot Radio.  Member: Mensa and Colloquy.

Psychic Continuity

I did a reading by phone for a gay chap the other day. During the reading amongst other things I explained that I saw him meeting a new boyfriend in America (who I described to him). I explained that an opera or classical music event was going to be important too. I also added that I sensed he had a very high IQ and was particularly academic. I highlighted California and Boston as figuring importantly. He told me in return that he is currently working on his PhD, which, next year will involve a placement at an American university for several months, one of which he is considering is in California, the other in Boston. He also told me that he'd had a reading with another psychic a month ago, who told him - get this! - that he would meet a new boyfriend in America at a cultural event too (remember I highlighted opera/classical music), matching the kind of description I gave. How about that for continuity of message from Spirit! Two unconnected psychics giving phone readings a month apart, relaying similar information! 

'Hi Kerin, It was a pleasure speaking with you - and thank you for your insights... Your reading did bring some clarity... Thanks for your kindness. Have a great new year, Sarah.'

'Thank you for the call Kerin... it was incredibly insightful, more than I could have imagined... I don't know how you do it... but it was like you'd looked inside my mind! ...I wanted to say a huge thank you and tell you how amazing you are! Many thanks, Lizzie.' UK.

Amazing Evidence...

Jules Verne and The Masai Warrior

One of the most important aspects of giving psychic mediumship readings is the sharing of highly specific evidence with the client.  Finely tuned, very personal details are what indicate that the information is being conveyed psychically, rather than based on 'guess work' or 'broad generalisations'.  With this in mind, here are a couple of recent examples of the degree of specificity that Spirit can provide, in addition to names: (1) Yesterday a client asked me to tune into two specific loved ones for her and as I did I began to sense a reference to the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, written by Jules Verne, so I shared this with her. She was amazed: her brother (with whom she'd hoped to connect) loved Jules Verne, specifically the book 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea! This was coupled with more specific evidence to indicate survival. Here's another example: (2) I was doing a reading a few days ago during which I said to my client that I saw her husband in my mind, in Africa holding a Masai Warrior's spear. She told me that she and her husband had holidayed in Africa recently, during which time he had stopped a Masai Warrior who was out walking and offered to buy his spear off of him, which he did!  This too was coupled with lots more highly specific evidence.  Facts like this demonstrate the psychic source of the information.

Dorrie and The Racer

Evidence received can be quite direct and obvious during a reading, for example I received the name Dorrie for a client in a reading this week, which, when I shared it with her, she confirmed was her (departed) aunt's name. Today however, in one instance it worked a little differently. I explained to a client that I was being drawn to motor-racing and him and, in particular, the chequered flag being used. I specifically described the flag being waved up and down... and he replied by telling me that in actual fact he'd recently been go-kart racing, during which a chequered flag was used in this way. This means that it's possible for a psychic/medium to misinterpret evidence to one degree or another (it was go-kart racing, not motor racing, including a real chequered flag)... but that the evidence being sent from the Spirit World is in and of itself accurate at source.  And usually quite obvious to the client!


Recently a client asked me to tune into a love interest that she has, so I began to do so and immediately I said that Spirit was showing me an image of a crown, like a king or queen would wear, which I described to her. She was amazed!  The chap she's interested in, she then told me, has a nickname: King!

Viva Las Vegas!

'Hi Kerrin, Thank you so much for the reading the other day. It was incredibly accurate! Some more things to confirm to you. The person my brother towed back from France was Jeff!! Also when I got home I looked at the photo of my two brothers (the one that passed away) and they have their arms round each other with their thumbs up - it was taken in Vegas!!! where they had so much fun on a brother holiday... You also told me about the pub – darts in Winton - this is where he used to live and did go to the pub at the top of the road and he did play darts. Once again thank you I would recommend you to anyone wanting evidence of afterlife! Debbie. P.' England.

(During the reading Spirit gave me the name Jeff and some information about a situation to do with a car being towed.  Debbie knew that her brother had worked with someone called Jeff, and that on one occasion he'd driven to France to tow someone home.  However, upon further research, after the reading, she discovered that it was Jeff whom her brother had towed!  I also explained that I sensed that Las Vegas was relevant and that Spirit was showing me an image of two men, with their arms around each other both giving a thumbs up sign.  After the reading Debbie checked a photo of her two brothers in Las Vegas and noticed that they had their arms around each other - both giving a thumbs up sign (in the way I'd described).  I also sensed a location called Winton, coupled with darts being played, which Debbie also discovered was correct... after the reading had taken place.  Lot's more evidence came through from Spirit during the reading which Debbie was able to identify at the time.)

'Dear Kerin... Thank you also for the reading yesterday. I felt that being able to speak to my son's father took a weight off my shoulders, and that having those in spirit offering their help and support is fantastic. It is always so amazing to meet a complete stranger, such as you were to me yesterday, and have ones loved ones come through so clearly, with names and "proof" that you could not possibly have guessed at. There has never been any doubt in my mind of that we pass into the spirit world after death, and readings such as the one you gave to me yesterday serve as confirmation of that knowing... Thank you once again... V'. England.

'Hi Kerin... it was a fantastic reading. It gave me a great deal of comfort - thank-you... I will continue to research the other bits of information that I didn't quite get and will let you know. The other parts were so detailed and accurate. My husband and my sister are really interested in having a reading with you also so I am sure they will be contacting you very shortly. S'. England.


'Hi Kerin, I am still wowed by the whole experience... even now, 2 days on the reading keeps coming back to me... Anyway, thank you and the spirits for a surreal evening. Can't wait for the next one. Kind regards, Vanda.' United Arab Emirates.

Just A Whisper Away

A very moving event happened during a psychic/mediumship reading recently. First my client's father, then her mother came through providing meaningful evidence of their continuing existence in the Spirit Realm. Unbeknown to me at the time, my client's mother had only passed away 3 weeks ago. At one point in the reading, when connecting with her mother, I was drawn to reference a message for my client from her mum about a whisper. My client burst into tears of joy and told me that before her mum had crossed over she'd told my client that she would be 'just a whisper away'. We were both moved and elated by the message. And I could sense the joy my client's mother felt, in being able to get this particular message across to her.

'Dear Kerin, I had a reading from you in February 2016 and I just want to thank you. You were exceptionally accurate and lovely things are finally starting to happen in my life - to the point I'm coming off antidepressants and no longer feel the need for counselling after six years of being in a "black hole!", after unbearable things happened to me. It's wonderful to know that my loved ones who have passed are looking after me, well and happy, it gives me great comfort. Now that life is good, I intend to learn more. I would not hesitate to recommend you, this experience has changed my life, for the better. Kind Regards' Lisa, England.

'You are very gifted and it was a pleasure to speak with you...thank you...' A.H. England.

The Love Of My Life

Hi there, Kerin— I want to sincerely thank you for the exceptional information you provided me with during two readings over the past week. I got SO much amazing information during the first reading, both in the form of major confirmations and (seemingly) minor details regarding recent everyday events in my life. I appreciate the fact that you want as little information as possible going into a reading, opting to rely on Spirit; that is as it should be, in my opinion. ☺ While the information from the first reading was quite astounding, there were some points I wanted Spirit to further-elaborate on. As a result, I scheduled an additional reading yesterday, 3/13/17. Kerin, I am just so deeply touched by the information Spirit provided me through you during both readings – I treasure every word. To have the love of my life immediately step forward and give you details about our soul contract was breathtakingly wonderful. I have been aware of the contract/agreement for a few years, but I believe Spirit led me to you at this time because I am now ready to embrace my role in fulfilling our contract. The instructions he gave you to share with me are helping me more than you can imagine. As if that were not enough, your gift enabled you to provide me with details about recent everyday events in my life, given to reassure me I am never alone. As I have confirmed, this is something I have struggled with: despite being able to communicate with my love on my own, I really needed to hear from someone completely unfamiliar with me/us that he IS with me and continues to lead and guide me. To briefly illustrate: Only someone who is with me at all times would have known I had lunch with a friend last week who is deaf in one ear, that I had just been dunking a biscuit/cookie in my coffee (which I never do…but did last weekend), that I had just heard a Jackson 5 song on the radio (on a station I never listen to – it was on when I got in my car), etc. To some, those would seem like silly, insignificant things – but to me, they are tremendous confirmation: I AM NOT ALONE – and feelings are not fact (smile). Thank you for that. I could go on and on, but this is overly-long as it is. Despite the length, I do not feel my words have adequately relayed how deeply thankful I am to you, to Spirit, and to the gift which you so generously, thoughtfully, and accurately share with others. My life is richer because I “just happened” to find you online - no coincidences. As always, I wish you ALL the very best, Nancy (Atlanta, GA, USA)

'Hi Kerin, It was a pleasure to talk to you again today. Once again, I just wanted to thank you for the readings. Please, know they have given me the much needed clarity I had been seeking. I have found it extremely reassuring to know one’s worries and concerns, even if unspoken, are heard by Spirit, and even more to have had them addressed and answered directly in a very uplifting way. The accuracy of the information coming through in your readings is most impressive. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service! Best, M.'UK.

'Thank you Kerin. It was an amazing experience talking to you. I'm so in wonder by what we discussed that sometimes I pause from what I'm doing and stare in wonder and then I smile because I know it's true. The things you told me nobody could have known. You touched my life in a profound way. Thank you. Anamaria.'

'Hi Kerin, I just want to thank you for today's reading. It was really impressive. All the info you gave me was accurate. I don't know what to say?! I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. Muito obriganda (thank you). You are an amazing reader. I wish you all the best. With regards, N.C.'

'Dear Kerin... I'm blown away with your readings. In relation to the "complicated situation" I have in my life, you were spot on. Everything you said went through... it is lovely to speak to you every time and I love your energy and your calmness, especially when it comes with such preciseness. Thank you and have a good day.' Monika. UK.


'Dear Kerin, Thank you very much for a wonderful reading... You are so accurate!' Assistant University Professor. Japan.

'Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for my reading yesterday. It really helped...' Rachel. England.


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