Media Appearances

Here are details of some of my media appearances.

Forest FM

Alison Crocker interviewed me on Forest FM on 14th February 2017 about some of my spiritual experiences, encounters with angels and psychic/mediumship. Forest FM Interview.

Radio Free UK

On October 13th 2015 I was interviewed by reality TV star (Close To The Edge) Vanessa Coleman for her Radio Free UK show called In Their Shoes.  We talked primarily about the subject of psychic/mediumship, and towards the closing minutes of the show about EU politics.

Here's a link to the programme: Radio Free UK Interview with Vanessa Coleman.


Hot Radio

Hot Radio

I was interviewed by Geoff Carter on Hot Radio on April 15th 2013 about my work as a psychic/medium.  Here's a copy of the show (minus the songs, news reports, etc). Hot Radio Interview.

Here's a link to the Hot Radio page for Geoff Carter's Show.  Hot Radio.

BBC Radio Solent.

I appeared on the Alex Dyke show on BBC Radio Solent on 10th January 2013 and again on 4th March 2013, to be interviewed on my work as a psychic/medium.

BBCHere's an edited link (minus the traffic reports, news and interspersed songs) to an audio recording of the March 4th programme: Second BBC Radio Solent Appearance. (Marlon Jackson, of the Jackson's also appeared on the show about 1/2 hour before me!)

[This audio file was edited using Audacity ( and LAME (].

Here's a link to the BBC Radio Solent website page for Alex Dyke's show: BBC Radio Solent.

The Spirit Guides Network Radio.

Spirit GuidesI appeared four times on The Spirit Guides Network Radio Show (including the very first ever programme) talking about the messages I receive from The Spirit World.

1) Spirit Guides Radio - 1st Appearance.

2) Spirit Guides Radio - 2nd Appearance.

3) Spirit Guides Radio - 3rd Appearance.

4) Spirit Guides Radio - 4th Appearance.

Subsequent guests have included internationally renowned medium Derek Acorah and neurosurgeon Dr Eban Alexander, who spoke about his Near Death Experience.






Fate and Fortune






I've appeared in Fate and Fortune Magazine, The Rosicrucian Beacon Magazine, various Mensa publications, Intrepid Magazine and TAPS ParaMag (the magazine of TV's popular Ghost Hunters show) talking on the subject of my experiences of paranormal phenomena.


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